Meet Our Team
Lara, Head Pastry Chef

Baking is a passion for talented head pastry chef Lara, and she's the heart and soul of Seagull Bakery. For years she has studied the art of baking, and apprenticed under some of the very best Executive Chefs in our area. She’s learned at the side of some pretty swell home bakers as well, all of whom have generously shared their own secrets of baking. Because of the support both personally and professionally, Lara is achieving her goals. Lara has autism, and everything she creates at Seagull Bakery is a testament to the many accomplishments of all those who are on the spectrum!

Seagull Baking Classes
We love to teach baking classes! Contact us for details.

Thank you to our corporate supporters, and all the fantastic individuals who have loved what we do, and how we do it. Because of you Seagull Bakery is soaring, while improving the lives of those with autism!”

Heather Bracy
Executive Pastry Chef
Lara Lombardo
Head Pastry Chef
Suzziy Bellinger
Bakery Assistant
Diana Brown
Bakery Assistant
Carol Lombardo
Packaging and Graphics